REVOlutionary Kayaks

REVO Kayaks are a break from the norm. Check out our incredible double concave hull designs.

Paddles to get your juices going

Full Race and Juice paddles from ReaKtor

Accessories for discerning paddlers

Our range of accessories is small - we sell kit we use ourselves so we know it's up to the high standards you expect when you go paddling.

Race Tuned Performance

Make no mistake - our R1 is a thoroughbred race ski for elite level paddlers, but the same technology goes into our R2 and R3 skis, for paddlers who want performance with stability

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We hope you'll find all the information you need right here on this site to buy your next Revo, Reaktor, or RaceRak. We would always recommend that you have a go in the ski you're interested in. Get in touch for a demo...

Something Else

What else might you want to put here? Something like Revo Kayaks are designed and made in South Africa, and shipped to a growing number of countries around the world. Join the Revo Family!

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Revo R3

R3 Side

The R3 is our most accessible ski catering for the intermediate to beginner paddler. It has a different design, more concave and more pronounced hard chines in comparison to the R1 and R2. A ski built to perform well in all conditions; fast acceleration on flat water due to the rocker shape, also having high stability holding onto downwind runs well due to the concave chines.

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